In the year 2019, if you’re a real estate agent who’s not using an online tool to find leads you may be falling behind your competition. Online lead generation programs offer many perks to help you find prospects, track their engagement and know when to follow up with them. Continue reading to learn more about four applications that you should try to find real estate leads.

Zillow Premier Agent

With over 150 million average monthly users, Zillow is the largest real estate search engine out there. Real estate agents can find leads with this huge platform by signing up for the Zillow Premier Agent feature. With this program, you can submit your own Zillow listings and have your name featured exclusively as the agent for the listing. When an interested buyer sees the property on Zillow, your name will be featured as the only contact. In addition, real estate agents can utilize Zillow’s advertising function to find even more prospects. Zillow Premier Agent’s wide reach and its high number of monthly users makes it an essential tool for finding real estate leads today.


Zurple is another program designed specifically to help real estate agents find leads. Agents that use Zurple have the ability to track their new leads and optimize how they follow-up with those leads. Some of the unique features of Zurple include an option to send personalized emails from your own email address and it can send you notifications to let you know when it’s the right time to follow up with a lead. Zurple even allows you to create advertisements on Google that are targeted to specific sub-areas of your neighborhood to help you reach the right audience.

Real Geeks

Similarly to Zurple, the program Real Geeks, is a real estate sales tool that helps agents find and convert potential home buyers or sellers. This program is different than others because it provides numerous helpful functions including a property evaluation tool, market reports, and it can even send automatic text-responses to your leads. With such a wide range of capabilities and at a reasonable price, Real Geeks is the perfect option for small but expanding real estate businesses.


The fourth tool that helps real estate agents find leads is the program FreshSales. FreshSales is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program designed specifically for real estate agents. This CRM stands out because it is designed to work well right from your phone, making it a great choice for busy agents who are always on the go. Another helpful feature that FreshSales includes is the ability to automatically rank your leads based on their engagement. With this function, you will be able to better prioritize which leads to follow up with first.

If you’re not currently taking advantage of a lead generation tool, it’s time to get started. Whether you are a beginner or an expert at using these programs, with so many options available today you are guaranteed to find a tool that works for your needs.