In the past, it was easy to sell a home by placing an ad in a newspaper and having an open house, but with today’s technology, you can buy a new home with the click of a button. Today, those in search of a new home hunt down and scope out real estate listings online before deciding whether they even want to step inside. If you’re selling your home, you’ll need to take advantage of today’s tech to capture their interest and compete against other homes on the market. Keep reading for five tech tools guaranteed to make your home fly off the market!

Searchable databases

Easy-to-use databases for real estate such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and are a no-brainer tech tool that you should use to speed up the home-selling process. Shoppers use these tools in order to narrow down their search based on customizable criteria.  For example, if a shopper is on the hunt for a 2 bedroom home, located within 10 miles of Boston, and they have a budget of $400,000, all they do is enter that criteria and the program will show the available homes that check off their boxes. When you’re selling a home, list it on these sites to get found quickly, and connect with serious leads in a fraction of the time.  

Virtual Staging

If you’re trying to sell a home but you don’t have the furniture or decor available to stage it in real-life, virtual staging programs will be your best friend.  Online staging programs like virtual staging solutions give homeowners the ability to digitally add eye-catching furniture and beautiful decor to photographs of empty rooms.

All you have to do is upload a photo of an empty room to the program, and a design team will virtually furnish the vacant room with stunning finishings. You don’t have to do any work, but the team will return the finished photos to you in just a few business days. This tool helps listing photos look more attractive and stand out among a sea of other homes on the market.  Using a virtual staging program is also a great choice as it is typically a more affordable option compared to hiring an interior designer.

360 Degree Photos

Sometimes typical listing photos just don’t cut it. If you want to showcase your home online in a way that helps shoppers to feel like they are really there, 360-degree panoramic photos are a great choice. Interactive panoramic images allow shoppers to click from left to right to see all angles of a room. This moving perspective provides shoppers with the feeling that they are inside the house and looking around. You can capture this style of photos with the mobile application, 360 Panorama and create a completely immersive experience for shoppers.

360 Panorama tool


In addition to the 360 Panorama application, drones are another tech tool that can be used to provide stunning listing photographs of your property. Drones are an increasingly popular tool for real estate photography that allows you to capture aerial images of your home’s property, the property’s views or the neighborhood.  You can even use drone technology to record a virtual tour of your property by flying the drone throughout the home’s rooms and yard.

Interactive Floorplans

Lastly, if you’re looking for a tech tool that will help your online listing stand out like no other, TruPlace is a great choice. TruPlace is an online application that gives homeowners the ability to create interactive floor plans for their houses. This easy-to-use program, lets you create detailed floor plans and pair it along with photographs taken from each of your rooms. Once it’s completed, shoppers can use the interactive floorplan to jump from location to location in your house and gain a much better understanding of how the home is laid out. This tool is ideal for capturing shoppers who live far away, and who are unable to view the home in person.

Technology has completely changed the way that we do everything, so it’s no surprise that it has also affected the real estate industry. If you’re selling your home, keep up with the competition by using these tools to build a captivating online listing that buyers won’t be able to resist.