We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that a picture can sell a house? Exceptional real estate listing photos do wonders to enhance a home’s features and make it unforgettable to buyers. They draw shoppers in and sell the experience that one would have if they buy the home. Listing photos are also the first thing that a prospective buyer will see when looking at your home, so it’s essential to capture them right from the start. To ensure that your listing photos will make buyers fall in love, follow these dos and don’ts. 

Do: Stage each room

The first step in taking high-quality listing photos is to purposefully stage each room. Declutter excessive decorations and personal belongings, such as photographs or clothing. The goal of listing photos is to not only showcase the space but to help prospective buyers envision themselves living there. Set up each individual space to highlight the lifestyle and experience that one would have if they buy your home.

Do: Capture your home’s selling points

When taking listing photos, be sure to take ones that feature the home’s main selling points. This includes the rooms that have been recently updated or the best view(s) your home as to offer. For example, if your bathrooms or kitchens just had a fresh renovation, make sure to capture the renovation’s details. If your home has a large outdoor living space or a waterfront view, include photos of those too.

Do: Consider aerial views

Today, drone technology makes it very easy to take listing photos from an aerial view. With drone photography, you can capture the size of the home as well as any exquisite exterior details. In addition, a bird’s eye shot is ideal for displaying homes with large properties, appealing neighborhoods, or scenic views.

Do: Highlight your home’s unique architecture

Another element to focus on in your listing photos is any unique architectural elements such as archways or exposed beams. Details like these give a house its character and are what many shoppers are drawn to. Showcasing one-of-a-kind features helps your home to stand out among others on the market.

Don’t: Neglecting to use the right angles

Listing photos taken from unflattering angles can make rooms appear much smaller than they actually are. Photos should be taken with an upward angle to make the spaces feel larger and less cramped. Consider using a skilled real estate photographer to make sure the photos are in focus and are not crooked or uneven.

Don’t: Use poor lighting

One thing to avoid at all costs in real estate photos is dark lighting. Dark lighting makes a home look dingy and uninviting, while on the other hand, shoppers are typically drawn to natural, bright lighting. Make sure to take your listing photos on a bright day so they won’t appear gloomy or gray.  You can also use lamps where needed for additional lighting to help spaces appear larger, cleaner, and sleeker.

Don’t: Include Your Pets

While your pets might be cute, some shoppers may be allergic to them, so any listing photos with the pet could be a big turn off. It’s also best to keep pets out of the listing photos since they will not be a part of the home once the buyer moves in.

Don’t: Leave any extra items in the shot

Accidentally leaving extra items in the photo such as a stack of mail, your shoes, or keys can make the space appear messy and turn away any potential shoppers. Before you shoot, make sure each room is decluttered and any of these items are hidden from the shot. Shoppers want to be able to picture themselves in the home, and seeing random belongings in every photo can cause distraction from envisioning themselves living there.

Follow these dos and don’ts to ensure that your listing photos enhance your home and make prospective buyers fall in love with your home the way you once did. With great photos, your home will fly off the market for the price that you want.