Moving long distances is never an easy feat. Whether it’s for job, school, or family reasons, there are ways your agent can help ease the process as you look to relocate. These are the 5 questions we suggest you ask your agent when you’re looking to make that big move:


  1. Should I wait to sell my home before looking for one?

This will depend on whether your lender allows you to carry more than one mortgage and should factor in any housing assistance that you receive. The best and often easiest practice to navigate is to wait until your current home is under contract. Then, you should be stable enough with that purchase to schedule a housing hunt in the new location. However, if you are able, you can attempt to rent out your current home while attempting to either rent or buy a new one. 


  1. What are the benefits of one new area versus another? 

You might be familiar with your hometown, but anything outside of that is foreign territory. Ask you agent to help you determine which area will be best for your family and lifestyle. Commutes, school districts, crime rates, home prices, recreation areas, mass transit locations — these can all be addressed by an agent in your new location. When speaking to the agent either in person or remotely, be sure to emphasize the most important factors when looking for your new home.


  1. Do I need a relocation company’s assistance?

Your agent may also be able to suggest a relocation company to help you navigate all of the myriad logistics. This type of company can be your single point of contact for the various service providers you’ll need for your move, and they may be able to negotiate you better rates on things like packing and movers to keep costs down. And, since relocation is their only business, they’ll also be able to guide you through the possible pitfalls as they arise. 


  1. Can I deduct any moving expenses from my taxes? 

While this is a bit out of your agent’s purview, he/she may be able to suggest a tax advisor to help you determine what you can and should deduct from your taxes to cover this relocation. Agents that are hired specifically to help with relocations will have a greater knowledge and should be able to either answer your questions or find someone who can.


  1. What are the typical utility bills in this new location?

A change of location can give you sticker shock when that first utility bill comes. Moves from the north to south will increase summer AC costs; a southern homeowner moving to the northeast will need to account for extra heating and snow tires in the winter; and coast-to-coast moves will encounter insurance coverage and water bill differences. Ask you agent what the typical expenses will be to help budget for these changes before they become issues.


If you are looking to relocate into the New England area, contact Scafidi Juliano to help you navigate the legalities of relocation. Our agents are here to help you make the best decisions for your move. Let’s get started today!