In order for real estate agents to succeed in business, keeping in touch with past clients is essential. Not only does staying in touch keep clients coming back for your services, but it also provides more opportunities for referrals. Continue reading for six tips on how to keep in touch with your past real estate clients.

Send personalized cards

Personalized cards for holidays, birthdays or on the anniversary of a client’s home purchase are great ways to stay in touch.  You never know when they will be looking to move again, and sending cards with personalized messages keep you on the top of their minds. Just make sure to only send a few times per year to avoid pestering your past clients with too much mail.

Send an e-newsletter

Sending an e-newsletter about once a month or once per quarter is another way you can keep in touch with past clients. Newsletters are an opportunity to provide valuable information about the housing market in your community or other relevant news. Interesting newsletter content demonstrates your knowledge and credibility as a trusted source. They also help to remind clients to refer you to a friend or family member.

Say thank you for referrals

Never underestimate the value of saying thank you. When you receive a referral from one of your past clients, make sure to send a handwritten note or email thanking them for their referral. If the referral leads to a sale, send a follow-up thank you note or a gift. Not only is it important to show your appreciation by saying thank you, but sending a note also provides the opportunity to re-connect in case they need your help again.

Host an event

One fun way to keep in touch is to host an event for your past clients such as a wine party, BBQ, or block party. Events like these are a great way to show how much you value your client’s business and demonstrate that you are willing to put in the extra effort for them. Events provide a great opportunity for you to build stronger relationships with your past clients and boost their loyalty. You might even have the chance to meet friends or family who can turn into potential business leads.

Connect on social media

68% of adults use Facebook, which makes it an essential platform for connecting with past and prospective clients. After you have finished a transaction with your client, connect with them on social media, whether it’s through Facebook or LinkedIn. Don’t forget to stay active on social media by sharing listings, milestones or other relevant industry news.

Be a sponsor in your community

Lastly, keep in touch with your clients by staying involved in your local community. You can do this through sponsoring sports teams, fundraisers, or school events. Sponsorship of events demonstrates to past clients your commitment to your town or city and reminds them of your work.

Separating yourself as a realtor is important to succeeding in the real estate market, and this is achieved by developing relationships and building personal connections even after the client’s transaction is complete. By utilizing strategies like these, you can create lasting relationships with your past clients and continue growing your real estate business.